You need this portable high chair.

This high chair simplifies feedings on the go. We bought it because my 13 month old refuses to eat unless he's seated at a high chair. Toddlers aren’t well known for their flexible personalities, so we’re used to improvising when we leave the house, but this particular preference can really complicate an outing. We took the high chair to the park yesterday, and he loved it. Previously, we lugged around a portable activity center, but I dreaded bringing it places. It didn't have a tray, and it was bulky. This portable high chair is light, compact and foldable. It’s close to the ground and easy to clean. Since it’s so low, it also seems more stable than our previous portable chair. Honestly, I'm not sure how we've managed without it. I plan on bringing it everywhere, so there's never a worry about where he'll sit when we're out of the house. Click Here for high chair link.

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